Review: Watts WH-LD Whole House Water Filter

    Review: Watts WH-LD Whole House Water Filter Scott Appleton

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    Is your water heater underperforming from the specs that are in its manual? Have you noticed that the water quality you’ve been receiving from the tap has been declining? These are both reasons to consider investing into the Watts WH-LD whole house water filter. It will work hard to reduce the amount of sediment that is in your tap water, plus filter out dirt and even rust so that the water is cleaner than you can ever remember. Best of all, this filter can be obtained on Amazon today for less than $50. 

    With a built-in bypass valve and stainless steel inserts that make installation easy, you’ll find that this NSF tested and certified whole house water filter system will help to make your water better and your plumbing more efficient. Here are a few additional observations we’ve had when taking a look at this product.

    #1. It works with other filtering systems that are already present. If you’re already using a charcoal filtering system for your home and are finding that it is getting clogged up quite a bit, then try adding this filter to the system before the charcoal filter. It will foul it up a lot less often because of the filtering capabilities that this unit has. 

    #2. It’s perfect for water softeners. Hard water can produce a lot of scale for a hot water heater and expensive maintenance tasks. For about 50% of the cost of a full purging of a home’s plumbing, this filtering system will proactively keep the scale and sediment at bay so that water softeners aren’t damaged by foreign particles and hot water heaters can keep working efficiently. 

    #3. The filters may last only 30 days for some homeowners. In particularly poor water situations, the filtering system here from Watts could get to be expensive. Users receive 3 additional filters with the purchase of this system, which may last for 120 days in total. Filters may need to be replaced every 30 days to maintain high water quality. 

    #4. This filter is not going to remove chlorine. Charcoal filters are required to remove chlorine from water. Having a charcoal filter in place before water hits a home’s plumbing isn’t a good idea anyway since the chlorine inhibits bacteria growth. Remove the chlorine before the water hits the pipes and bacterial growth can result because of that choice. 

    #5. Changing filters takes about 5 minutes max. Watts has included a wrench with the unit that will help users change filters when necessary. Just turn the valve off and unscrew the housing. Replace the filter, tighten the unit up, and then turn the valve back on again. It really only takes about 5 minutes for the average homeowner to finish this maintenance task. It also uses most common filters, so if you need a higher micron count for your water supply, you’ll be able to use it with this system. 

    Your water might not be harmful to your health, but it could be harmful to your appliances. The Watts WH-LD whole house water filter system will solve that problem for you pretty effectively. Try it for yourself today and you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved.

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