Review: Rinnai RL75eN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

    Review: Rinnai RL75eN Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Scott Appleton

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    With 82% thermal efficiency and the chance to set a commercial hot water temperature of 160F, the Rinnai RL75eN certainly grabs your attention right away. This tankless water heater has also been designed to communicate effectively with its owners, providing a digital controlled which provides error codes that allow for specific maintenance or repair diagnostics. Priced just above $900 on Amazon today, this Rinnai water heater has the ability to provide most homes with the continuous hot water that is wanted.

    Commercial Grade For Residential Prices 

    If you want the 160F capacity of this unit, then you’ll have to purchase the commercial product separately. Most homeowners aren’t going to need that, but Rinnai still provides all users with commercial grade products. This is especially important for the heat exchanger as it provides users with a premium level of durability that exceeds other hot water heaters at this price point. A 12 year warranty protects the purchase and this unit can even be used in a bank of three or more to supply a massive amount of hot water.

    The Rinnai water heaters can be sensitive to overuse. If you are using the full 7.5 GPM on a consistent basis, then it may burn out after some time because the unit does like a little rest time. The full capacity use also reduces the “hotness” of the water that can be received at the tap or in the shower, which may affect individual outcomes.

    For the best experience, don’t run a shower and another hot water appliance simultaneously. If you can keep this sort of rotation as part of a daily routine, then the benefits this unit can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    What Home Benefits the Most From This Water Heater? 

    At 7.5 GPM capacity but realistically under 6 GPM for best results], this is a medium duty water heater. Homes with 4-6 people living in them, with 3-4 bedrooms and 1.5-3 bathrooms are going to see the most use from this hot water heater. Although banks of them can be installed to boost hot water production, most homes won’t want to do that. Around 4-5 faucets can be used at the same time, but the water will be between lukewarm and hot in that situation.

    In return for this investment, homeowners are going to save money. It is not unreasonable to see $20 per month of savings on the gas bill. That means the Rinnai RL75eN is eventually going to pay for itself. Installing it, however, may be problematic for some homeowners. Additional piping and breakers may be needed.

    You will need to make sure your installation point can support 80 pounds. It is an extremely efficient unit that will not put out a lot of added heat around the unit. In return, you can linger in the shower, enjoy the 120F default temperature, and always have hot water to use when you’re done.

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