Review: Rheem Indoor Direct Vent Tankless Water Heater

    Review: Rheem Indoor Direct Vent Tankless Water Heater Scott Appleton

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    Do you need a water heater that is extremely energy efficient so you can make your utility bills more effectively? Do you want a water heater that could provide your entire home with hot water on a continuous basis? The Rheem indoor direct vent tankless water heater has been specifically designed to meet these needs. With a 94% efficient rating thanks to its stainless steel condensing heat exchanger and a 9.5 GPM capacity, this $1,150 tankless water heater is a tremendous deal on Amazon today.

    What Are the Features of This Rheem Water Heater? 

    The primary feature that really stands out with this Rheem tankless water heater are its electronic controls. Designed to provide this water heater with a superior level of intelligence, it is at the heart of the energy efficiencies that can be achieved. It also includes a self-diagnostic system that allows for better servicing and an easy installation. The digital display shows the temperature setting and any maintenance codes that need attention.

    Here are some of the other features that are also worth considering with the Rheem indoor direct vent tankless water heater.

    • It offers a digital remote control for better results and up to 10 feet of thermostat wire that are included with the purchase of the water heater.
    • It offers freeze protection of up to -30F, so most homes are going to have the hot water that is needed all year long.
    • Link cables and manifold controls help to easily link units together, with a maximum level of 20 water heaters being able to be linked for large apartment complexes.

    With a built-in electric blower and a two-pipe direct vent system that is designed to work with PVC pipe, this system offers homeowners the high powered water heater system they need. It even works at elevation levels of 9,800 feet.

    What Is the Advantage of This Rheem Water Heater? 

    It’s the temperature control that is the primary advantage that comes with this particular water heater. The flow regulation allows for precise hot water temperatures to be experienced throughout the system with very little delay. Instead of waiting for sometimes 60-90 seconds for hot water to come with a traditional tank, most faucets get hot water in 10-15 seconds.

    When used heavily, we noticed a tendency for the heat regulator to wear out on this unit. If you have a large family in a large house that uses a lot of hot water, then this may not be the unit for you. Most standard households, however, will not put stress on this water heater.

    The Rheem indoor direct vent tankless water heater may take a little work to install and may come at a premium price point, but the effort and cost are worthwhile. This is one of the best water heaters on the market today. If your household can afford it, then we highly recommend it as a top pick to meet your needs.

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