Review: Nuvo DPMB Manor Salt Water Softening System

    Review: Nuvo DPMB Manor Salt Water Softening System Scott Appleton

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    If you’ve got hard water or a number of impurities that come through the tap, then it can be hard to wash clothes, dishes, or have drinking water available when you want it. Many water softeners will remove current scale in the water supply, but the existing scale in the system is not effected. The Nuvo DPMB manor salt water softener system changes everything. It removes past scale build-up and current scale so that water is purse.

    Best of all, there is no harmful salt that enters the water supply when filtered through this water softener. This also means that salt replenishment costs are lower and there is less of an impact to the environment from this product’s use. It’s an investment with a $1,000 average price, but it definitely works. Here’s everything that you need to know.

    #1. It has a 65,000 gallon capacity. The average family of 6 will get a year’s worth of use from this water softener without difficulty. It has an output of up to 18 gallons per minute as well that work with 1.5 inch ports, which means homeowners aren’t going to experience any changes to their water output. 

    #2. Replacement cartridges are easy to install. The salt-free replacement cartridges are very easy to install and require infrequent maintenance to make sure that they are working properly. Many water softeners require a lot of fuss to make them work properly. This was does not. 

    #3. It can take awhile to get this item to work. This water softener does require some time to purge the full system. It takes the hardness out of the water right away, but also actively works on buildup that may exist. If a water softener hasn’t been used in the past and there are high levels of calcium or lime scale in the water, then it could take more than a year to begin seeing improvements in water conditions. 

    #4. Very heavy hard water is not a good thing for this unit. If your hard water is about as hard as it can get, then this is not going to be the water softener for you. You may notice changes for a 3-4 month period, but then the build-up will begin again. You could exchange the filters to continue improving the performance, but a salt water softener would probably be a better solution in that instance. 

    #5. The replacement cartridges can be a little expensive. The average price of a replacement cartridge is about $60. Compared to a $3 bag of salt, that can be a bit expensive. If your water levels are low in grain levels, however, or you’ve got odors that need to be eliminated from impurities, this is going to be a cost homeowners face just once per year. 

    If you need your water to be salt-free and you don’t have a high particle level in your water, then the Nuvo DPMB manor softening system could be the best solution to meet your needs. We recommend it for low- to medium-level hard water situations where salt in the water could be hazardous to someone’s health in the household.

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