Review: Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener

    Review: Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Scott Appleton

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    Could your water use an improvement? Do you also notice high concentrations of iron or rust in your water and you know it isn’t your pipes? The Iron Pro 2 combination water softener will help to improve your water by offering a high flow solution that process hard water that measures up to 75 GPG and iron that is at 6-8 PPM. It will also work on removing sediment and sand. It is a salt water softener, so it may not be appropriate for all households. The price can’t be beat, however, starting at $875 on Amazon today.

    Why Have Two Systems When You Could Have One? 

    This is more of a niche product when a home is facing multiple water issues. Homes that just have hard water will benefit from the salt water softener system only. Homes that have sediment, iron, or rust benefit more from a whole home filtering system to remove the contaminants. If you need both, however, you could pay $875 for each system. Here you pay the cost just once and get both systems in one product.

    The secret to this system’s success is how it removes the offending items. With a 64,000 gallon capacity, a fine mesh resin is in place so that the water filters through to remove the iron. There’s a digital metered valve that will let users keep track of when upcoming maintenance needs are necessary. The unit even comes with DIY instructions so the costs of an installation can be reduced.

    If you have high iron content levels, however, a separate filtration system will still be necessary. You’ll want to run the water supply through the iron filter first and then through the Iron Pro 2 combination water softener for best results.

    Is This the Best Value On the Market Today? 

    There are water softener combination products that are on the market today that can do a better job of pulling impurities out of the water. Even the manufacturer admits this. What you won’t find is a better product at this price point that can do everything that this unit can do. If you have extreme problems, this won’t be a magic solution. It’s like expecting first class service on a flight when you paid for coach.

    This water softener will not affect high iron levels. The salt-based system is a very effective water softener, so if you have some iron and sediment issues, but mostly scale, then this is the combination unit for you. If you have low scale and high sediment, rust, or iron content, then this unit isn’t going to be as successful as others that are more specifically designed for those niche needs.

    The one thing we would definitely change after seeing this unit is the instructions. If you know hydrology, then you’ll understand what to do. Some DIY experts will figure them out as well. For the average person, however, plan on a full weekend to install the unit just in case difficulties are encountered.

    The Iron Pro 2 combination water softening system from Fleck isn’t a perfect piece of equipment, but it will get the job done for homes that have multiple needs. If your home fits the criteria for this equipment, then we recommend taking an even closer look at this unit because of its value price and durability.

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