Review: Home Master TMULTRA Ultra RO Undersink Reverse Osmosis System

    Review: Home Master TMULTRA Ultra RO Undersink Reverse Osmosis System Scott Appleton

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    This unit is similar in many ways to the Home Master Artesian Reverse Osmosis system. The Ultra system is a step up in a number of ways, however. This unit comes with a standard UV light filter, which kills and destroys bacteria and microorganisms that otherwise might pass through the filters and get into your water. It also has filters in place to deal with the particular problems well water poses to reverse osmosis systems. Well water often contains iron that is not filtered out in a carbon filter, or micro porous filter. The iron can also drastically shorten the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane, destroying it. The Ultra filter removes the iron before it can do any damage. An advantage the Artesian filter has over the Ultra is that the Artesian will re-mineralize the filtered water. Reverse osmosis systems will strip out everything, even minerals that might otherwise be healthy. This process can also

    Low flow rates are a common complaint when it comes to reverse osmosis filters. The reverse osmosis system is slow, and takes a while to produce a useful amount of water. The storage tank collects the filtered water and supplies it to the faucet when you need it. However, this can result in low flow rates and reduced pressure. The Ultra system includes larger fittings and tubes to increase the flow rate, and produce more water quicker.

    The system is fairly easy to install. The filter housing comes already assembled in the box. It also comes with everything necessary to install the unit, with the exception of Teflon tape and wrenches, which you should have on hand. A video series is available online which shows you how to install the filter. It can be helpful to have some experience with plumbing before attempting this install, however. There are sometimes problems with leaking units or tubing provided being too short which can cause problems. The fixes are usually straightforward and simple, but it can take some know how to diagnose and fix the problems. It might be a good idea to enlist a knowledgeable friend or handyman. A bracket also needs to be install under the sink to mount the filter, which requires a drill and some knowhow. Other problem areas include plastic to metal connections, which are fragile and can lead to leaks or a short life span for the connectors.

    The filters are designed to be simple to slip on and off without any tools or a lot of fuss. The clips that hold the filter cartridges in are plastic, however, and it is possible that they could break or get stiff after a while.

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