Review: Home Master 3 Stage Water Filtration System

    Review: Home Master 3 Stage Water Filtration System Scott Appleton

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    Having access to clean water is essential for good health. Many homes have free tap water at their disposal, but that water isn’t as clean as many might think it would be. The Home Master 3 stage water filtration system will create pure water that will make everyone want to bottle their own water, straight from the tap. With separate filtration that removes sediment, iron, and carbon from the water, this system uses 1 inch ports to make sure up to 15 GPM can be filtered if necessary.

    Installing this water filtration system is remarkably easy. You can either place it at a point of use or place it at the plumbing entry to the home so all of the water can be filtered to each faucet. This will limit appliance damage due to sediment because filtration down to 1 micron can occur with this particular system.

    How Do Homeowners Gain an Advantage With This Product?

    Here are some other advantages that the Home Master 3 stage system can provide a home today.

    • It can provide up to 12 months of use on a single set of filters. For the average family of 4, this filtration system can provide 1 year of clean water. It has a 100,000 gallon total capacity to it which will remove up to 95% of the chemicals, contaminants, and sediment that may be in the water supply.
    • The sediment filter offers a multi-gradient density. The design of the sediment filter offers stages of filtering that other systems just can’t provide. The end result is more sediment can be removed and the filters can be easily replaced. The filters are also oversized, which allows for them to be replaced less often while being more effective at the same time.
    • This water filtration system comes fully assembled. Homeowners will have a fast installation process with this system because it comes fully assembled. Just hook it into your water supply, mount it with the included steel brackets, and the water will be cleaner.

    This 3 stage water filtration system from Home Master does have a 90 PSI maximum rating, so there may be a few homes where this product is not viable. With a 2 year warranty on parts and the ability to reduce odor causing contaminants like sulfur to just 3 ppm, this $600 price on Amazon right now is a valuable investment to make.

    This Product Does What It Says It Will Do 

    Many water filtration systems are filled with lofty claims, but when you look at the fine print, it can cost a lot of extra money to take full advantage of the system. Some filtering systems even need to be replaced or cleaned every 30 days. That’s not the case with the Home Master 3 stage water filtration system. It runs for up to 100k gallons and performs just as well at the beginning as it does at the end.

    Homes with heavy levels of solids or iron may find that this system is not the best solution for them. The 100k gallons is with medium levels of contaminants. High or extra high levels will see 50% of the results, so filters may need to be change 2-3x per year.

    For most homes, however, the Home Master 3 stage water filtration system will meet their needs from the moment it is installed. If you need cleaner water, then we strongly recommend this system today.

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