Review: Excel Natural Gas Vent Free Tankless Water Heater

    Review: Excel Natural Gas Vent Free Tankless Water Heater Scott Appleton

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    Are you looking for an affordable hot water solution? Do you have low water pressure needs in your home, RV, or another portable need? Although the Excel natural gas tankless water heater only offers a 1.6 GPM, it still offers a viable solution for continuous hot water for many homes. With no standing pilot required and the ability to deliver water at temperatures above 100F in many circumstances, users will find that this water heater will eventually pay for itself. That makes the $200 retail price more of an investment than a cost.

    What Did We See With This Water Heater? 

    There are a few unique aspects in this design of this Excel tankless water heater that you’ll want to know about before making a purchase.

    • It requires batteries. Although the water heater only weighs 12 pounds and the product dimensions are just 17.7×13.4×12.2 inches, it also requires 2 D-size batteries to operate as a power backup. The batteries come with the equipment upon purchase, but you may wish to invest into rechargeable batteries of this size to save some extra cash.
    • It also needs natural gas to operate. This equipment offers an ODS pilot light, so users with save 20-25% on their gas bill when compared to other natural gas water heaters. It also doesn’t require a flue, which lets it be installed virtually anywhere.
    • It offers a 45 degree change in temperature. Your hot water is going to be dependent on the source temperature of your water. If your water source is only 45F at the tap, then your hot water is going to be 90F at most – and that’s if your water pressure is at 1.6 GPM.

    If you have a portable natural gas solution, then live-aboards on Rvs or boats could make use of this system. Homes that need a boost to their hot water on a second or third level may also benefit with a point of use installation. We see this water heater being the most effective for an apartment or a flat so that units don’t need to share hot water supplies.

    This Hot Water Heater Is Energy Star Certified 

    The one true advantage of this Excel natural gas tankless water heater is that it is so energy efficient that it has earned Energy Star recognition. If you already have a tankless system in your home and there are a couple of faucets that don’t seem to be getting the hot water that is needed, then this could be the system for you.

    Installing it will usually require a professional because of its hookup to natural gas. Contact your local utility to discuss installation options and costs. Homes that are not using water conservation methods at the 1.6 GPM level or lower are also going to experience lower levels of heat within the water. If your water pressure levels are high at home, installing low flow faucets and showerheads can resolve the hot water issue with this tankless equipment.

    This is a niche need water heater. Unless you have a small home or rental, it will not be a whole home solution. If, however, you have a point of use need for hot water, then the price and energy efficiency of the Excel natural gas vent free tankless water is a value to consider today.

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