Review: Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

    Review: Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Scott Appleton

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    Hard water can destroy your hot water heater in 1-2 years if not properly managed. It can also cause health problems, corrode your pipes, and damage your faucets and fixtures. The Eddy electronic water descaler offers homeowners an alternative to investing into a water softener. Instead of investing in a ton of salt or multiple charcoal fixtures, this simple solution will quickly reduce lime scale in any home or business for about $200 on Amazon right now.

    How Does the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Work? 

    This device works by providing electromagnetic waves through your existing plumbing. You just mount the Eddy electronic water descaler on the wall and then wrap two coils around your existing plumbing. These coils work on both metal and PVC pipes that are up to 1.5 inches in size. Larger coils are available as a separate purchase.

    There are three primary advantages that we have seen which come with this particular system of water descaling.

    1. There is no plumbing work that is required. It takes about 15 minutes max to install this device and turn it on to begin working. Anyone with a couple of tools and the ability to wrap a coil around a pipe can get this DIY job done fast.
    2. It doesn’t alter the chemical hardness of the water. The one problem that comes with a water softener is that the chemical composition of the water is altered by the softening process. Calcium, magnesium, and other essential vitamins and minerals are removed.
    3. It prevents the limescale from building up on plumbing surfaces. You won’t have any scale build-up problems once this product is installed with your pipes.

    The one problem that comes up with this product frequently is that it can take some time to work. It may be up to 3 months before changes in the water outcome are actually seen.

    What Will This Product Do For a Home? 

    It is important to reiterate that this product will not remove scale from the water. It simply makes the scale more manageable. Think about it like this: over time, scale can clog a showerhead. You’ve got to use vinegar or a cleaner to remove that scale so water flows again. With the Eddy electronic water descaler, instead of having the scale clog the pipes, it will go down the drain with the water.

    This means cleaning up afterward is easy. There will be less residue on dishes and clothing that are washed. The health value of the water won’t be altered. This will not replicate what a water softener can do. It’s a completely different process.

    If you want water that is truly softened, then you need to purchase a water softener. If, however, you need a scale management system to have better control over your water supply, then this is the product for you.

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