Review: Ecosmart ECO 18 Modulating Water Heater

    Review: Ecosmart ECO 18 Modulating Water Heater Scott Appleton

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    A tankless water heater is becoming a tempting option for many homeowners today. It’s not just the thought of unlimited hot water that is so enticing. It’s the fact that many tankless models are cheaper than the traditional tank models to purchase and they don’t cost as much to operate. The Econsmart ECO 18 modulating water heater fits that bill perfectly. Homeowners can save more than 60% on their hot water costs when compared to traditional units.

    Priced for less than $375 on Amazon right now, the Ecosmart ECO 18 could provide the perfect amount of value for your home. Here’s what we discovered when taking a look at this model for ourselves.

    #1. Perfect Digital Water Controls 

    If you’re tired of using a dial on your water heater to try to guess where your temperature might be between 80F and 120F because those are the only markings you’ve got, then this is the water heater for you. Control it remotely with a digital remote that will let you set the hot water temperature to a precise degree. If you like it at 117F or 103F, you’ll have perfectly precise control.

    #2. A Lifetime Warranty 

    If this hot water system is being used for residential purposes, then it will come with a lifetime warranty. Forget about those structured warranties that give you 90 days here, 3 years there, or maybe 6 years on something else. The Ecosmart ECO 18 is a no-nonsense system that lets you have hot water on demand at any time of day.

    #3. Incredible Modulation 

    Many tankless water heating systems will modulate the temperature of the water to work with the current demand of a flow rate. What the Ecosmart ECO 18 offers is one of the best temperature modulation systems that is available in the world today. Whether you’re using 10% of its capacity or 90% of the capacity, if you’ve used the digital remote to set the temperature at 106F, then that’s always the temperature you’ll receive.

    #4. Frequent On and Offs Are a Bad Thing 

    This tankless hot water system is pretty reliable, but you can fool it into not working sometimes. This is most often seen when someone turns on a faucet for a second and then turns off. If users do this repetitively enough, then the system will fail to respond immediately if the hot water is then left on and the experience the becomes similar to a traditional tanked system.

    #5. You Can Install It 

    It only takes a few basic DIY skills to install this unit. You may wish to have your work inspected for warranty purposes, but inspections are a lot cheaper than a full installation. Even without formal plumbing knowledge, the basic steps that are required can be found on the internet to finish the job.

    The Ecosmart ECO 18 provides a lot of value. You’ll save money instantly, get more hot water, and eventually this system will pay for itself. That’s why we have no hesitation in recommending it to you today.

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