Review: Eccotemp L10 High Capacity Water Heater

    Review: Eccotemp L10 High Capacity Water Heater Scott Appleton

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    Tankless water heater solutions are becoming very popular today because of their ability to provide a continuous stream of hot water. Some homeowners may need to have an outdoor water heater, however, because of their property needs. Many outdoor units are either difficult to hook-up to a propane fuel source or are not resistant to changing weather conditions. The Eccotemp L10 high capacity water heater, however, will meet needs effectively and do it for about $200 on Amazon right now.

    How Could You Benefit From the Eccotemp L10? 

    It is the portability of the Eccotemp L10 that makes this such a tempting investment today. It will work in an RV for sinks and showers because it can be powered by 12v RV power pump. You can also hook it up to a more traditional power supply from your home as well. It offers a standard connection to your propane fuel source and once installed, it works pretty well.

    We did notice that this unit did tend to perform better when the water source has a sub 3.0 GPM flow rate. At 5.7 gallons, or about 4 faucets functioning simultaneously, the temperature change from the source was about 25 degrees. To achieve water temperature changes of 50 degrees or more, it required a flow rate of 2.7 GPM or less to be successful.

    What is nice about the Eccotemp L10 is that it contains an automatic safety shutoff timer within the design of the unit. This causes the water heater to turn off without use, but the timer resets itself when the water flow starts again. It eliminates wasted power and provides an extra layer of protection should the engagement mechanism malfunction for some reason.

    What Are the Uses of the Eccotemp L10? 

    What we really loved about the Eccotemp L10 when we saw it was the fact that it includes a 0.5 inch NPT to garden hose adapter. This means you can hook this water heater up to an outdoor faucet, connect it to your pressure washer, or use it for a number of additional outdoor uses instead of having it as an indoor hot water supply.

    For added portability, it will also be able to run off of portable propane sources.

    If being used in the outdoors, we would recommend placing this unit inside some sort of cover to better protect it. Experienced DIY’ers are not going to have any trouble installing this unit with the included instructions. Keep in mind that this works with a propane tank, not with other fuel sources, so it may not be the hot water heater for every home – especially urban homes.

    For homeowners that need a portable outdoor water heating solution, however, the Eccotemp L10 provides a consistent performance for a competitive price. It may not offer high capacity use, but for the average home’s needs, it will operate flawlessly. That is why we have no hesitation in recommending this tankless water heater today.

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