Review: Culligan FM-15RA Advanced Faucet Filter Kit

    Review: Culligan FM-15RA Advanced Faucet Filter Kit Scott Appleton

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    Water can contain a number of contaminants that can make it unsafe for drinking. Sometimes it is easy to tell when water is too dirty for drinking, cooking, or other household uses. In many cases, perhaps even most of the time, water can have only a mildly unpleasant taste or smell, or appear entirely safe. Many municipal water supplies do not meet the minimum requirements set by environmental agencies for safety. Some contaminants that have been linked to health problems are not even regulated. A water filter can be a good investment in your and your family’s health.

    The Culligan Faucet Filter kit is an easy, simple way to begin filtering your water. It fits most, though not all faucets, easily by simply removing your aerator, and replacing it with the filter. The unit uses a carbon filter, and will effectively filter out unpleasant tastes and odors. It will also reduce sediment in your water, as well as lower levels of chloramines and microorganisms. It also will remove some heavy metals that are common in water, such as lead. Other chemicals that are common in drinking water, herbicides and others, will also be reduced. It is important to match your needs to your filter. A carbon filter will address most basic concerns. Water with a wider range of contaminants, or higher concentrations, will need a more comprehensive filter.

    The filter cartridge on the Culligan Faucet filter kit will effectively filter 200 gallons of water. This may not seem like a lot, as the average family of four in the United States can use as much as 400 gallons of water in a day. However, the filter has a switched that allows you to choose when to filter the water, and when to draw it directly from the tap. This switch allows you to choose when it is important to you to have filtered water, making each cartridge last longer.

    There is a chance that water pressure can drop off when the filter is in use. This is true with many filters, as water has to be forced through the filter, with a resulting lack of pressure.

    This unit is primarily made of plastic. When mounting on a metal faucet, there can be some issues where the softer material (the plastic) is cut or worn away by the harder material (the metal). This can lead to leaks, or reduce the lifetime of the filter. The filter does come with a 2-year warranty for parts and manufacture.

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