Review: Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner

    Review: Clearwave CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner Scott Appleton

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    Water that contains high amounts of certain minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, is called hard water. It is caused when water passes through deposits of limestone or chalk. It is not unhealthy, and in fact these minerals are important for health, though they rarely exist in high enough concentrations to make a difference one way or another. But, then can have a number of other problematic effects.

    Hard water will not lather to the same extent that soft water will. More soap will be required to have the same effect. More importantly, hard water will leave these minerals behind when the water passes through or dries out. This accumulation of minerals is generally called lime scale. Lime scale can block the flow of pipes, leading to reduce water pressure, or leaks. It can also collect in appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, blocking water flow and leading to broken pumps and other problems, and in any case shortening the life of the appliances. It is in any case unsightly.

    Water softeners are often used in places where the municipal supply provides hard water. These softeners require electricity to operate, and usually a regular supply of salt. They also produce brine, which is the result of all the removed minerals and collected salt. Brine is not good for the environment, and has to be properly disposed of.

    Many people don’t mind the problem with getting soap to lather. But the shortened life of appliances can be expensive over the long term. Lime scale is also difficult to remove, and makes a bathroom or kitchen look dirty and unwelcoming. The Clearwave allows you to reduce or even reverse the problem of lime scale easily and cheaply.

    This small, inexpensive unit uses electro-magnetic waves to condition the water. The positively charged minerals are changed so that they are less likely to collect on a surface. In areas where the water is not as hard, it can even reduce the amount of lime scale that already exists.

    The unit is attached to a pipe near where the water supply enters the home. Wires are wrapped around the pipe, and then it is plugged into a standard household outlet and turned on. This makes the installation easy, and simple, requiring no extra tools and no real expertise.

    When the water supply has high iron content, for example in many areas where water is supplied by wells, the effectiveness of the Clearwave can be reduced or counteracted all together. There is also a limit to the Clearwaves effectiveness. Water that is extremely hard may not be affected at all.

    The Clearwave is a cheap, simple alternative to more complicated and expensive water softening systems. It can be extremely effective in the right circumstances.

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