Review: Aquasana Rhino Whole House Filter and Salt Free Water Softener

    Review: Aquasana Rhino Whole House Filter and Salt Free Water Softener Scott Appleton

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    Many whole home solutions for water improvement eventually come up a little bit short in the performance category. They’ll get most of the job done, but an added filter here or there or some added maintenance is often necessary. For the Aquasana Rhino whole house filter and salt free water softener combination, however, the job gets done for up to 10 years pretty effectively. Priced at $2,000, the individual filtering option is a lot cheaper, but you won’t receive the softening features that this unit provides.

    Do You Need a Combination Unit? 

    Most homes don’t need a combination water filter and softener. The average home might deal with scale or issues with the chemical composition of the water, but not both. What this 10 year unit from Aquasana provides is the chance to remove up to 97% of the chlorine that is currently in the water supply. It also softens the water without the use of electricity, salt, or even back flushing. Just hook it up to your system and you’ll have up to 1 million gallons of better water.

    It is true that a salt-based system is going to provide softer water than a non-salt based system. Some households can’t have salt in the water for health reasons. Others just prefer to have a salt-free experience for personal reasons. This Aquasana Rhino option gives the best of both worlds. It’s primarily a filter, but it can also reduce the amount of scale in the water by 99%. If that’s what you need for your home, then this unit is going to get the job done pretty effectively.

    What Is the Advantage of This System? 

    Many combination units will alter the water pressure within the system of the home. That’s not true with this Aquasana Rhino combination unit. The water pressure stays right where it has always been. The one real change that most people notice is that the water tastes better.

    Your other water-based equipment benefits with the improved water as well. Water heaters are able to process water more effectively and require fewer cleaning sessions because there isn’t as much scale to contaminate the system. Washing machines benefit by having better drainage systems and clothes come out much fresher. Dishwashers won’t have the white, powdery scale that can get left behind because of hard water.

    For systems with extremely poor water quality, this system could become overwhelmed in a short period of time. Once the filter becomes overwhelmed, the final quality of the water will likely be substandard. Some Aquasana products are designed for well water, while others are designed for city water that has already been processed. This combination unit can work with both types, but low quality well water is not recommended for this system.

    The Aquasana Rhino whole home filter and softening system might be an investment, but it is one that we have found is well worth making. The installation process is easy, the results are proven, and the water is much better. That’s why this item receives our highest recommendation today.

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