Review: Aquasana EQ600 Whole House Filtration System

    Review: Aquasana EQ600 Whole House Filtration System Scott Appleton

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    Are you tired of whole house water filtration systems that don’t live up to their promises? Do you want something that will keep working beyond the 6 month or 1 year mark? The Aquasana EQ600 whole house filtration system might just be what you need. It offers a 6 year filtration system or a 10 year softener and filtration system that will remove contaminants for up to 600,000 gallons of water. With prices starting at $800 on Amazon today, it will cost about $100 per year to have clean water with this system for a family of 4.

    This water filtration system is certified to remove up to 97% of the chlorine that could be in your water right now. In return, you’ll have healthy water provided throughout your home. Because this is a source filter and not a point of use one, however, installing this filter may require a periodic flushing of the plumbing in a home to limit bacteria development.

    Even so, here are a few of the advantages one can expect by selecting the Aquasana EQ600 for their home.

    #1. There are no additional items that are required to make this filtration system work. You’re not going to need any salt, back flushing, or even electricity for this long-term filtration system. You just hook it up to your water supply, sit back, and let it do its job. It really couldn’t be any easier. There’s a 90 day satisfaction guarantee included with the product as well. 

    #2. It provides a noticeable improvement to the indoor air quality of a home. A water filter that cleans the air seems a little ridiculous at first, but it really does make indoor air better. Showers, baths, and even dishwashers release vaporized chemicals into the air when water is vaporized. Over the course of 2-3 weeks, the home environment improves noticeably. 

    #3. It uses standard fittings. Users receive the pre-filter, copper and zinc, and carbon filtration stages that use standard fittings. This lets you change out the filters that are needed should your water supply have different contaminants affecting the quality of the water. An installation kit makes it even easier to get this system running and a shut-off valve allows for the easy servicing when necessary. 

    #4. The 600k gallon does NOT offer water softening capabilities. It is important to make sure the two models do not get confused with each other. The 6 year model of this water filtration system does not offer any softening capabilities. 

    #5. The size of your plumbing matters. If your plumbing is above ¾ inch, then the results the Aquasana EQ600 can provide may be limited. There will still be benefits that are very noticeable with this system with larger pipes, but it won’t be the “cure-all” type of purchase that some homeowners might be looking to find. 

    The Aquasana EQ600 is a valuable addition for any home. It may be an investment for some homeowners to make, but one that is very worthwhile. If you need better water at the tap, then we highly recommend this system today.

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