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    filtered water bottleWe all want to drink clean water. For some, that water comes straight from the tap. Yet even some tap water contains high levels of disinfectants or contaminants and there is more risk if you’re hiking outdoors and drinking naturally occurring water. How can you make sure you’re getting healthy water without the high cost of bottled water? By using the best filtered water bottle every day.

    In some instances, the filters in these water bottles are so powerful that they can screen out harmful microorganisms that are in the water. Others help to clarify the water so it has a better taste. Not every filter is effective, however, so we’ve put together this chart to help you choose the top-rated filtered water bottle that can best meet your needs.

    PictureProduct NameOur RatingPrice
    Camelbak Groove 20 oz4.2$$
    LifeStraw Go Water Bottle4.3$$$
    bobble Infuse4.4$$
    Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle4.2$$
    Refresh2go Milestone Filtered Water Bottle4.0$$
    EZ Freeze Pure filtered water bottle4.2$$$
    Camelbak Groove 24 oz4.4$$
    WaterBasics Filtered Water Bottle4.9$$$
    Susosu Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Bottle4.7$$$$$
    Frontier Flow Filtered Water Bottle4.4$$
    PictureProduct NameOur RatingPrice

    What Is a Filtered Water Bottle and Why Do I Need One?

    Filtered water bottles are designed to have the water you drink to pass through a filter of some type before you consume the liquid. The goal of this process is to remove any contaminants that may be in that water. There are three primary contaminants which most filters will address in this category.

    Viruses. A filter must be extremely fine to remove a virus from the water supply. Most filtered water bottles will not remove this contaminant because of the cost. If this is a concern for you, then you may wish to look at industrial water filters instead of a simple filtered bottle.
    Miscellaneous parasites and bacteria. There are several forms of life that like to thrive in water. This includes protozoa, amoebae, bacteria, and other parasites. Because these living items are larger than a virus, most filters are able to screen them out. A filtered water bottle rated for this issue is good for hiking, when you may need to take water out of a stream or lake.
    Chemicals. Chemical compounds are often found in tap water. Two common compounds are chlorine and fluoride. There may also be heavy metals or inorganic chemicals, such as lead, copper, or arsenic, that may affect the quality of the water. A vast majority of filtered water bottles will take care of these contaminants for you.

    To choose which filtered water bottle will be the best to suit your needs, you will need to consider where the water is being sourced. Tap water that has been chemically treated may only need a basic water filter that removes chemical compounds.

    On the other hand, if you live in an area where water is difficult to access or that water has a threat of contamination, you may need to have an industrial-strength filtering process installed.

    What Type of Filtered Water Bottle is Right for Me?

    The best filtered water bottles are usually made with a carbon filter. Some bottles may have multiple carbon filters to create an ultra-clean drink of water. They are so commonly used because activated carbon is inexpensive, very effective at removing small contaminants, and have a reasonably long life span.

    When the carbon filter wears out, you just need to purchase a replacement. Then your filtered water bottle becomes just as effective as it was before.

    Another type of filter that is beginning to grow in popularity is UV filtration. Although rarely found in filtered water bottles, this type of filter does an excellent job at sterilizing a contaminated water supply. UV filtration does not alter the flavor or composition of the water, however, so gritty water will still taste like mud.

    How to Find the Best Filtered Water Bottle for Me

    The type of filtered water bottle you choose to select depends on three components: your personal needs, your water source, and how often you’ll be using the water bottle.

    If you are looking for clean, affordable water that you can take with you every day, then having an extra filter of any type between you and your tap will often meet your needs. In this situation, virtually any good quality filtered water bottle will meet your needs.

    For those who want to have a filtered water bottle that they can take on a hike, into a backcountry camping expedition, or other location where sourced drinking water will need to be found, then you’ll need a heavy duty water filter. You’ll need to look at the best filtered water bottle reviews to determine how effective the filters are at screening out bacteria and other living contaminants from your water supply.

    How often you use the water bottle must also be taken into consideration. Some filtered water bottles are built with the strength to work on a daily basis for you. Others may break down prematurely because they are being used every day. This is another reason why the reviews on filtered water bottles are important to consider before finalizing a purchase.

    What Are the Prices of the Best Filtered Water Bottles?

    The average price of a filtered water bottle for daily use is about $25. At this price point, you’ll be able to find a good water bottle with an effective filter that can improve flavor, remove some bacteria, and strain out chemical compounds. This type of water bottle is suitable for general use.

    If you have a contaminated source of water that needs to be filtered so it is safe to drink, then a complete filtration package may cost up to $150. There are single use filtering products that are in the $20 range, but you’ll have to pay that cost every day to have the clean water you need. That means the complete filtration package will pay for itself in just 2 weeks’ time.

    If all you need is flavor enhancement because of a high chlorine level in your tap water, then you can often find filtered water bottles in the $15-$20 range that will get the job done. If you are concerned about fluoride in your water, then you’ll need to read each review to make sure the filter will take out this contaminant.

    Top Rated Filtered Water Bottles


    This small water bottle is the perfect solution for those with active lives. Not only does it turn any water into something that tastes better, but the plant-based filter will work for up to 48 gallons of water. Just untwist the bottle to open it like any other water bottle, but then the straw brings up water through the filter so you can get a fast, cool drink. When properly used, it is spill-proof, durable, and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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    Although this is one of the more expensive water bottles in this category, you’re going to get what you pay for with this product. It eliminates virtually all waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites, allowing you to drink water from virtually any source with safety. The filtration process goes down to 0.2 microns and there’s no real aftertaste to note when drinking from this bottle. There are also replacement filters available so you can keep using this water bottle year after year. Easy to clean, easy to use – it’s worth the investment.

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    This carbon filter water bottle allows you to have a versatile drinking system that makes taking water with you better than ever before. Put infusions into your water if you wish, squeeze the bottle to get some extra water, and then just hand-wash it to clean it after use. The carbon filter is fully replaceable or you can place a fruit infusion into the filter’s location to get a flavor blast with every drink. If you like choices, but love better-tasting water, then this is the best filtered water bottle for you.

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    Brita Sport

    This water filter bottle multi-pack gives you the same better-tasting water that other filtered pitchers, tap additives, and under-the-sink filters this brand offers you. It’s best used when filtering tap water because of the filtration process, so it’s not going to give you protection from stream water during a hike. What it can do is limit your bottled water purchases every day because you’re bringing your own great tasting water from home. These soft-squeeze bottles go just about anywhere, are convenient, and very affordable.

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    This large filtered water bottle is one of the best bargains in this category right now. Not only does it hold 34 ounces of water, but it can filter up to 40 gallons of water per filter. That gives the average person about 2 months of use before the filter needs to be replaced. The bottle itself is BPA-free and safe to go on the top rack of the dishwasher. Just one word of caution – the filter is made from coconut shell carbon, so there can be a food allergy issue for some users. Otherwise, we found this value purchase to be a very helpful product.

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    The best filtered water bottle will let you have a cool drink of fresh water, no matter where you happen to be. Chose the level of filtration that you need, then select the bottle with the best features, and you’ll have a great water bottle that you’ll love for hopefully years to come.

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