Berkey Water Filter Review

    Berkey Water Filter
    Filtered water has become very popular, lately, for a number of reasons. There is a growing awareness of the number of pollutants that are potentially lurking in our water supply. Whilst water supplies in the US are some of the safest in the world, a number of health issues have been linked to contaminated drinking water, from bacterial infections to reproductive problems and neurological disorders. Berkey water filters are a great, relatively low cost option to bringing clean, healthy drinking water into your home. They are more effective than a number of their competitors, and feature some of the most advanced filter technology.

    The Top Ten

    These filters come in all sizes, to meet your particular needs. Use this list to find the best model to meet your needs.

    PictureNameOur RatingCapacity (gal.)Price
    Berkey BK4X2-BB Big Berkey Filtration System4.42.25$$$$
    Berkey BT2X2-BB Travel Stainless Steel Water Filtration System4.31.5$$$
    British Berkefeld Gravity Water Filter4.42.1$$$
    Berkey KDSF Shower Filter4.6n/a$
    Berkey Light Water Filter System3.92.75$$$
    Berkey GOBK-KIT Go Kit3.90.25$$
    Big Berkey BK4X2-CF4.42.10$$$
    Big Berkey Water Filter5.02.00$$$$
    Berkey BK4X4-BB Big Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filtration System4.62.25$$$$
    Royal Berkey Water Filter4.93.25$$$$$
    PictureNameOur RatingCapacity (gal.)Price

    What Is A Berkey Water Filter And Why Do You Need One?

    Most people’s introduction to a home water filter is either a water pitcher system, or a filter that attaches to the nozzle of their faucet. These are simple to use and maintain, and in many places fulfill the any water filtering needs. These filters usually use simple carbon absorption filtering, which does a good job at removing unpleasant flavors and smells, and many sorts of harmful bacteria. However, there are many types of contaminants that carbon filters do not remove. In addition, the carbon filters have to be replaced regularly. These should not be simply thrown in the garbage, and have to be disposed of properly.

    Depending on your needs and budget, there are a number of other options that will filter water completely. Berkey filters use a new, proprietary technology to remove the vast majority of contaminants from water. Berkey filters do such a complete job of filtering that they are actually classed as purifiers, rather than filters.

    Berkey filters are similar in some ways to the pitcher system that you have in your fridge. Fill the top, and gravity and water pressure pushes the water through the filter into the reservoir where it is stored for use. Berkey filters differ in that almost any sort of water, from the tap or from a wild river, and it will turn it into water ready to drink. The filter uses something called ionic adsorption (which is different than absorption), to remove contaminants such as lead, bacteria, herbicides, and any other potentially harmful things. The US military grades water filters by their ability to remove pathogens and diseases from water. The Berkey filters surpass all their requirements by a wide margin, making them suitable for use in your kitchen, or in an area where water quality is suspect or outright dangerous. The filters themselves, Berkey Black filters, also are able to cleaned, so they can be used several times before having to be replaced, meaning that thousands of gallons of water can be used on one set of filters.

    The Different Types Of Berkey Water Filter

    Berkey Filters makes a variety of models for different uses, and a variety of sizes. They all are compatible with the Black filter, and are able to use either two or four filters. Doubling the number of filters doubles the amount of filtered water produced, and also extends their lifespan.

    • Big Berkey. Berkey says the Big Berkey is the most popular model they have. It is 20 inches high, and has a diameter 8.5 inches. It comes in two models, one with 2 filters and one with 4 filters. The 2-filter model will produce 3.5 gallons per hour, providing water for about 8 people. The 4-filter model doubles that. The reservoir and housing are made from stainless steel.
    • Travel Berkey. The Travel Berkey is the smaller, lighter, take anywhere version. It is 18.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches in diameter. It only comes in a 2-filter model, purifying 2.75 gallons per hour, and providing water for approximately 6 people. The housing of this model is also made of stainless steel.
    • Berkey Light. Rather than being made from stainless steel, like the other Berkey filters, the Berkey Light is made from durable food grade plastic, making it lighter. It is 22 inches high, and 9 inches in diameter, making it a little bigger than the Big Berkey model. It comes with either 2 or 4 filters, and can produce 3.75 or 7.5 gallons per hour.
    • Bigger Berkeys. There are several more Berkey models, all larger than the Big Berkey. They come in models that can use from 2 to 8 filters with the largest filtering 26 gallons of water per hour, and providing water for 150 people.

    Berkey Water Filter Cost

    Berkey filters, compared to some other options, are expensive. However, they are unique filters that can definitely be worth the cost. They filter water to such an extent that no filter can offer a similar product. The amount of water that the filter needs to provide will determine which option is best for you. The Big Berkey two-filter model, which is the basic model, costs around $250 when two filters are included. The travel model is slightly less expensive, at around $230. A Berkey Light model is about the same price, for a slightly larger tank and higher filter rate. There is also a Berkey filter that attaches to a shower head that is available for $30.

    A 2 pack of replacement filters is a little over $100. However, as a pair of filters has a potential lifespan of 4 years, the cost is about 2 cents per gallon.


    Berkey BK4X2-BB Big Berkey Filtration System

    Berkey advertises their filters as using a unique method that removes almost all contaminants, to an extent that it surpasses even military requirements for water purification. It works essentially like a Brita or Pur filter. Gravity forces water from the top down through the filter into the reservoir below. Water is drawn from the reservoir to drink or use for whatever. Unfortunately, many of the parts used to secure the filters and spigot are plastic, which can crack or strip leading to poor seals and leaking. Also, bacteria can grow in dry filters that are not used everyday. It does do an amazing job of filtering out contaminants, however.

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    Berkey BT2X2-BB Travel Stainless Steel Water Filtration System


    This filter is similar to the Big Berkey. It uses the Berkey black filters, which filter out the majority of chemicals, microorganisms, and other contaminants. The travel version is designed to allow the upper holding tank be nested within the lower reservoir for easier transportation. It is also made of stainless steel, making it durable and rugged for travel. The spigot is about an inch from the bottom of the reservoir, which means that there is water at the bottom that can’t be accessed without tipping or moving the filter. It also has to be placed on a table or other stand to fill anything more than an inch deep.

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    Berkey KDSF Shower Filter

    This attaches easily to shower heads quickly and without a lot of fuss. It uses the Berkey Filter technology to filter chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals and potentially harmful substances out of showering water. It also reduces the mineral content of the water, as well as filtering out microorganisms. This can reduce lime scale and mildew in the shower. The filter lasts for a bout a year, and then the whole shower head has to be replaced. There is no filter replacement. There is usually no drop off in water pressure when using this filter.

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    Berkey GOBK-KIT Go Kit

    This is a hand held Berkey Filter. Most of their offerings are meant to filter gallons of water at a time. This much smaller filter will produce 1 gallon of drinkable water per hour. However, the reservoir will hold only 1 quart of water at a time. It is sized for a day trip or backpacking for one person. If the spigot is not tightened properly, it can leak. Over filling the top can also cause leaking, as that will lead to an overfull reservoir as well.

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    Royal Berkey Water Filter

    The Royal Berkey is designed to supply water for between 13 and 26 people, depending on the number of filters used. It comes with 4 filters, which would produce the maximum amount of water. The setup is correspondingly really big. It has to be on a stand or counter, as the spigot is not otherwise high enough to use, and it can take up quite a lot of space. It can be expensive, but it uses the Berkey Filters to clean water extremely well.

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    Berkey filters are an amazing piece of technology. They were designed to be useful anywhere, and they can provide clean water on a daily basis for years, and are just as useful in an emergency as they are for everyday use.

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