Aquasana Water Filter Reviews

    © 2016 Aquasana, Inc.

    © 2016 Aquasana, Inc.

    When you want a cool drink of water on a hot day, you should have confidence in the flavor and purity of that water. Although many water treatment systems can effectively remove harmful contaminants from the local supply, this doesn’t guarantee your water will taste awesome from the tap. If you have a well, you might even need to remove certain items from the water before consuming it. This is where the Auqasana water filter reviews will help you tremendously. This brand is helping millions enjoy their water like never before.

    Aquasana water filters are designed to work with specific taps, give you portable water options with pitchers and water bottles, or a whole-home solution for fresh, great-tasting water. The chart below offers you the best options that are currently available from this manufacturer.

    PictureNameTypeOur RatingPrice
    Aquasana AQ-5300.56 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter SystemUndersink4.3$$$$
    Aquasana AQ-5200.55 2-Stage Under Counter Water Filter SystemUndersink4.2$$
    Aquasana AQ-4000W Countertop Water Filter SystemCountertop4.1$$
    Aquasana EQ-1000-AMZN Whole House Water Filtration SystemWhole House3.9$$$$$+
    Aquasana AQ-PWFS-D-W 16-Cup Dispenser Powered Water Filtration SystemPortable3.5$$$
    Aquasana AQ-4000B Countertop Water Filter SystemCountertop4.1$$
    Aquasana AQ-4601.55 Premium Under Counter Water Filter SystemUndersink4.0$$
    Aquasana AQ-RO-3 OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Water FilterUndersink4.3$$$$$
    Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable ShowerheadShower4.2$$
    Aquasana AQ-PB Filter Water BottleBottle3.8$
    PictureNameTypeOur RatingPrice

    Why Choose Aquasana for Your Water Filtration Needs?

    The water crisis in Flint has brought the quality of the water we drink to the forefront of our attention. Do we really know what contaminants may be in our water? Your water provider if you live in an urban environment may give you periodic reports about their testing, but do you know what those facts and figures actually mean? And if you draw your water from an independent well, when was the last time you had your water tested?

    Aquasana has an entire line of filters that can help you remove more than 99% of the lead that might be in your water right now. This manufacturer’s filtration process also helps to remove over 60 additional contaminants that may be in your water. Through the use of these Aquasana water filter reviews, you can have the softer water you want, the pure drinking water you need, and have confidence in the pristine nature of your water every time you turn on a tap.

    Healthy living doesn’t really begin unless your home has a healthy water supply. All aspects of your environment hover around the quality of your water. With some of the best water filtration products on the market today, Aquasana can take the water from your tap to the next level.

    Not sure about the quality of your water? Then access the drinking water quality reports that are available online for many communities in the United States right now.

    Reduce Waste by Choosing Aquasana Water Filters

    Aquasana creates products that are designed to help the environment. The goal is to create the least amount of waste possible with every filter, water bottle/pitcher, or whole-home system that is used every day. Each filter component is engineered in such a way as to accomplish this goal, including the use of outer filter casings that are completely reusable.

    The filter cartridges created by Aquasana are also made from materials that can be composted or recycled in some other way. If you love having bottled water with you every day, then consider the reusable bottles that are offered by this brand as a way to reduce the number of plastic water bottles that are clogging landfills because they aren’t entering community recycling programs.

    Each Aquasana water filter is NSF certified. Even if your tap gives you chlorinated water to help remove potential contaminants, you can remove up to 96% of chlorine and chloramine from each glass so your water gives you the right level of hydration. All plastics are BPA free and filters can last up to 6 months.

    How to Find the Right Aquasana Water Filter for Me

    Every home has unique needs that must be met. To say that there’s one special solution that will work for everyone would be inaccurate. This is why there is a series of products available. You can choose the size and scope of filtration needed so you get the results you want.

    To decide what your individualized ultimate solution will be to enjoy incredible water through Aquasana products, this three-tiered approach can help you maximize the benefits of the water you get from your tap.

    1. Make sure your entire home is treated. Aquasana uses salt-free softeners for their whole-home solutions, which means you don’t have to worry about back-flushing or salt waste coming from your system.
    2. Use at-the-tap drinking water systems. This will virtually eliminate your need for any bottled water. Just one water filter can give you the equivalent of thousands of bottles of water, which means you save money and reduce your personal environmental impact.
    3. Glass water bottles give you water on the go. When you do need bottled water, consider filtered water from an Aquasana bottle. You can bottle your own or use pitcher-filtration to improve water quality.

    To create all this good stuff, Aquasana hasn’t solved one problem by creating another one for the environment. The manufacturing facility of this brand is completely powered by renewable energy sources. You’re purchasing filtration products that weren’t created by the excessive burning of fossil fuels. When you buy Aquasana, you are helping to decrease the air pollution, the greenhouse gases, and the landfill wastes that the world sees every day.

    This is why Aquasana water filters are one of the best investments you can make. You help yourself. You help the world.

    What Are the Prices of Aquasana Water Filters?

    Aquasana water filters are priced on the size and staging of the system that is needed. This is why you’ll find double-stage filtration systems may be priced for less than $100, but triple stage filtration priced above $200. The water bottles and pitchers are typically priced in the $20-$50 range if you’re on a tight budget. As for a whole-home system, you can expect to pay around $1,000, but in return you’ll have something that will help with your overall hydration health for years to come.

    What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

    3 Stage Counter Filter

    You won’t believe how great your water will taste when you have this Aquasana filter installed at the tap. It has a faster flow rate than previous models of this size and removes over 60 contaminants that may be in your water. You also receive notifications from the device itself when it’s time to change out the filter. Just turn the filter a little bit and it pops out, meaning you can change out all 3 filters if necessary in just seconds. This filter sits on your counter, so you have three finish options from which to choose. This is a great investment to make for your home and your health this year.

    Click here to look at pricing on Amazon and get the best deal.

    2 Stage Counter Filter

    Not everyone needs to have triple filtering action to clean up the flavor and purity of their water. Some homes may not even have the space necessary for a 3 filter countertop option. That’s why the best Aquasana water filter for you might be this double filter option. Priced competitively with other makes and models, you won’t have to spend a lot to get thousands of gallons of pure water in return. Water output is 0.5 gallons per minute, plastic waste is reduced with the replacement filters, and you don’t have to disconnect anything to make a change. You’ve got to give this filter a try.

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    Whole House

    If you’re looking for a whole house solution for better water, then this is the system we recommend for you today. Unlike systems from competitive brands, you don’t have to use salt, back-flushing, or even electricity to maintain the functionality of plumbing. You get the filtration you want in your drinking water, bathing water, and the laundry that you do so that up to 97% of the chlorine that may be in your water is removed for over 1 million total gallons before a replacement is needed. If you make one investment into your home this year, consider this option.

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    16 Cup Dispenser

    This is the portable filtration system for your water that you can place in your refrigerator for those moments when you’re thirsty. More affordable than a tap filtration system, but just as effective at removing contaminants from your water, you get up to 8x the amount of water storage with this unit for nearly 50% of the price when compared to competitive models. It works quickly, giving you the ultra-filtration you want and the pure water you need to achieve your health goals. And the best part? You can take it with you so you can improve your water wherever your travels may take you.

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    Reverse Osmosis

    If you’re not sure about the quality of your well or the tap water you receive, then we highly recommend this Aquasana reverse osmosis filtration unit. It installs underneath your sink and can remove multiple contaminants, including heavy metals and arsenic, from your water supply with up to 99% efficiency. It comes with a separate drinking water tap installation point, so make sure your sink can support this setup. You also receive re-mineralization so your water is balanced and filled with the good stuff your body needs. The filters last between 3-6 months.

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    The best Aquasana water filter reviews will help you get the pure, tasty water you want from a brand that you can rely on. With superior levels of contaminant removal from one of the widest varieties of water filtration products in the industry today, if you haven’t experienced Aquasana already, then now is the time to do so.

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